Kiki Tidwell

Founding Member, Tech Advisory Group
Kiki  Tidwell

Kiki Tidwell operates in both philanthropy and private equity, impact investing in both realms. Kiki is an active angel investor and completed a two year Kauffman Fellows venture capital training program in July 2012.  She has a portfolio of angel investments, mostly cleantech, and has served on portfolio company boards and advisory boards. Kiki is individually a Limited Partner in several venture funds, some with sole or partial clean tech themes including Ulu Ventures, Nth Power Fund IV, TrueBridge Capital Fund KF II, and III, SJF Ventures, DBL Investors, and Aligned Partners.  She was a member of Northwest Energy Angels, now known as E8 Angels, a clean tech only angel group, for 2007-2013, and served two years on its board.  She is now a Board Advisor to E8 Angels.

Kiki is President of the Tidwell Idaho Foundation, a small family foundation she started.  She has served on the board and finance committee of the Idaho Community Foundation (ICF), served as a charitable grants panelist for ICF and the Idaho Children’s Trust Fund, served as a member of the (Idaho) Governor’s Council on Families and Children (Idaho) and has been a multi-year member of Social Venture Partners member in Seattle, Washington, with a stint on SVP's K-12 Grants Committee. The Tidwell Idaho Foundation has been a member of Mission Investors Exchange and Toniic (2012).  The Foundation has a goal of 50% mission investments and has made carbon-reduction mission investments in E+Co, SJF Ventures, Micro Energy Credits, American Wind Farm, and Ardsley Partners Renewable Energy Hedge Fund. 

Kiki felt that Idaho could experience tremendous rural economic revitalization through the development of its renewable energy resources.  In 2009, she hired As You Sow and won the first ever successful carbon reduction shareholder initiative with a utility with her initiative with IdaCorp, Inc.  It was one of only 15 successful shareholder initiatives in any category the previous 10 years.