Minor in Human Rights

Students listening to instructor in a classroom

This interdisciplinary minor program provides students with invaluable mentorship from experienced human rights scholars and practitioners while tying together the diverse threads of rights-oriented work and study.

The minor provides structure to diverse academic offerings on human rights-related topics, encouraging students from across the University to understand how human rights are interconnected across seemingly disparate disciplines. 

The Minor in Human Rights is open to currently enrolled Stanford students in any major.

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There is no way that I can do justice to the experience that I’ve had with the minor. The door that it’s opened up for me has been so formative in shaping the way that I hope to pursue my career. I don’t think I would’ve ever considered the intersection between medicine and human rights until I was given the freedom to explore that in the minor.
Alum Reem Ghanem wearing a black shirt
Reem Ghanem '19