Local and International Convenings

The Center co-hosted the annual Freedom from Slavery Forum at Stanford University through a partnership with Washington, DC-based Free the Slaves. This convening brought together key leaders of anti-slavery organizations from around the world to share best practices, lessons learned, and increase their collective impact.  The 2016 Forum, attended by anti-slavery experts from 45 different organizations, was a two-day event comprised of several closed-door sessions on subjects such as aftercare, prevalence, M&E, and community-building in the anti-trafficking field, as well as a public panel discussion on the ways the electronics and fishing industries deal with issues of forced labor in their supply chains. Stanford Professor Katherine Jolluck and Program Manager Jessie Brunner served as members of the advisory committee for the annual Freedom from Slavery Forum.

The Center also co-hosted the Annual Summer Institute for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, in partnership with the Human Rights Resource Centre for ASEAN.  The program was developed in close participation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ human rights bodies: the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights, the ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children, and the ASEAN Committee on Migrant Workers. The 8th annual Summer Institute, held in Bali, Indonesia, focused on Preventing Slavery and Trafficking in Persons in ASEAN. Dozens of representatives from ASEAN’s human rights-related bodies attended alongside Center leadership; Jessie Brunner presented her research on prevalence data and policy recommendations to those gathered.