Trafficking Research Publications

To strengthen anti-trafficking programs and policies, the Center for Human Rights and International Justice conducts research on the collection and analysis of accurate, standardized, and quality data. The Center's 2015 report, “Inaccurate Numbers, Inadequate Policies: Enhancing Data to Evaluate the Prevalence of Human Trafficking in ASEAN” written by Jessie Brunner, provided analysis and recommendations to support ASEAN regional anti-trafficking efforts. Brunner presented her research at the Summer Institute in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, which gathered key experts and practitioners dedicated to combatting trafficking, as well as representatives of the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights, the ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children, the ASEAN Committee on the Implementation of the ASEAN Declaration on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers, and the ASEAN Secretariat. A follow-on study designed to promote best practices on data collection and government collaboration to combat human trafficking in Southeast Asia is underway.

Building on this previous research, Brunner authored two new publications in Spring 2018: Getting to Good Human Trafficking Data: Everyday Guidelines for Frontline Practitioners in Southeast Asia and Getting to Good Human Trafficking Data: Assessing the Landscape in Southeast Asia and Promising Practices from ASEAN Governments and Civil Society. Both the practical guidelines and prescriptive white paper examine the current norms and practices on data collection related to human trafficking. The former document offers baseline standards and recommendations based on current understanding around good, responsible data practices tailored to the local context with a view to supporting better understanding regionally. The latter highlights specific challenges and promising practices in the ASEAN region and offers tangible recommendations for the collection of not only more, but better data to combat human trafficking. The results of Brunner’s research were shared with ASEAN government officials at a launch event in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

The Center also published a report from Research Fellow Natasha Dolby on the challenge of commercial sexual exploitation of children in Brazil in late 2018.