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Human Rights Careers Intensive

In this six-week course, we'll come together as a group to learn about human rights careers, meet alumni and other professionals who successfully work in human rights roles, and get job-search ready.


This program takes a commitment to be yourself, have fun, and contribute to the group for all 6 weeks. With that commitment comes a whole bunch of good stuff:


Clarity about your goals: Human rights careers can vary, and we know that many of you have a variety of interests. Through this program, you'll begin to clarify the types of roles and organizations within the field that interest you.

Clarity about your value: Through a variety of exercises, you will clarify and articulate your skills and the value you bring to an organization. In doing so, you'll be able to communicate your value throughout your future job search.

Students talking

Tangible Results

Search-ready documents: You'll walk away ready to hit the ground running in your job search. After clarifying the impact you want to make, you'll be able to clearly articulate all your have to offer on your resume and in interviews.

A personal network: With a variety of alumni and guests, you'll get to have meaningful conversations with these human rights experts, therefore expanding your own network of connections.

Students discussing career options

Supportive accountability

Committing to anything for 5 weeks takes courage, especially at the beginning of a busy quarter. The benefit of doing so? You carve out dedicated time to hold yourself accountable to reach your goals. You'll also get an accountability partner to keep in touch with between Friday sessions, making sure you both accomplish what you need to get done.

Group discussion

A like-minded community

Career planning is tough, so don't do it alone! By participating in the Intensive, you'll find a group of people who share similar career goals and want to walk alongside you through this journey. You'll also have the ongoing support of a variety of BEAM Career Educators and several Stanford alumni who were once in your shoes.

Perpectives from human rights professionals

Each week, we'll hear from a professional who is now working in a human rights role of some kind. They'll share their story, providing you with career advice they learned along the way.


You can take the course for a single unit or for no credit, but either way, we ask students to show up to all six sessions.

Week 1: Kick-off session
Meet the cohort,  hear about the curriculum, receive your workbook, and learn what you need to prepare for the first working session.  

Week 2: What are you good at? What do you enjoy?
We'll uncover your skills and how these can help you in the world of work.

Week 3: Where do the opportunities lie? How do you break in?
You’ll learn about the wide range of sectors in which people do human rights work, explore what credentials may be needed, and get a better understanding of the entry points available at different points in your career.

Week 4: What's your path?
You'll take time to reflect on the pathways we discussed in week 2, and make a career action plan to help you move forward.

Week 5: How do you craft the story of your fit for a job?
How do you communicate your strengths and value on your resume and cover letter? You’ll put yourself in the shoes of an organization to understand what hiring considerations are like in different sectors, what timelines to expect, and how to make your resume stand out.

Week 6: How do you craft the story of your fit for a job?
We'll weave together what you've learned by prepping for interviews.

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