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Research Fellow Publishes Articles on Economics and Governance

Dr. Desiree Desierto, Handa Center Research Fellow, has two forthcoming publications: "Formal Models of the Political Resource Curse” in Economics of Governance, and "What Resource Curse? The Null Effect of Remittances on Public Good Provision" in the Journal of Theoretical Politics.

Desiree A. Desierto specializes in the political economy of development. After obtaining an MSc in Development Economics from the University of Oxford and a PhD in Economics from the University of Nottingham, she became Robert M. Solow Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cournot Centre in Economic Studies in France, Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge, and Associate Professor at the University of the Philippines. Desiree is currently a PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Dr. Desierto recently presented her work, Corruption in Public Spending: Measuring Theft and Bribery, at Stanford University.