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Affiliates creating a tech-driven business dilemma library for learning

By Center Fellow Søren Jørgensen.

Since March 2021, more than 65 PhD and master level students from some of the best universities in the world, representing over 25 countries, have been collecting and analyzing dilemmas related to the use of technology in the financial sector.

This global, transdisciplinary effort is imperative. Increasingly the industry faces important responsibilities related to its understanding and association with the various ethical dilemmas and risks raised using technologies such as artificial intelligence and other innovative solutions in their business operations.

A collection of concrete ethical dilemmas will facilitate the development of skills for identifying, understanding, and managing ethical dilemmas in relation to tech use in the financial sector.

Globally, more efforts are undertaken to understand and manage the risks related to the use of algorithmic tools and tech in business operations, including the development of governance and guidelines. These efforts need to be supplemented by an increased focus on developing ethical and responsible tech-use culture, and on training for industry professionals, teams, and larger organizations. Recognizing and understanding ethical dilemmas has become an urgent requirement as evolving technologies are incorporated into business. There is an increasing need to promote platforms for learning and dialogue in this domain. It is this need we are addressing.

Through the project, the participants will work in small, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural groups each supported by mentors from the financial sector. Through this diverse composition we will be able to investigate also cultural variations in dilemma considerations, while simultaneously contributing to the development of an ethically trained, disciplinary-diverse emerging workforce. The output will be a learning platform for industry organizations using technology (online, analogue conversation, and game platforms), web & podcasts, whitepapers, research papers, and a strong platform for outreach.

The Universities include leading universities in Germany (TUM), France (Sorbonne and Université Catholic Lille), Denmark (Aalborg Universitet), Poland (Warsaw Business School), Italy (University of Pavia), South Africa (Witwatersrand), Kenya (Strathmore), Nigeria (Lagos Business School), Hong Kong (HKUST), Japan, Brazil, Chile, The UK (Oxford and Cambridge), Singapore (NTU), USA (California Polytechnic State University and Stanford University).

The team is working with VISA, HSBC, Nykredit, AXA, Generali, MAIF, Santander, Sparnord, DBS, DNB, Sony, IBM, RBC.

Contact: sorenjj [at]">Søren Juul Jørgensen, +1.650.714.2650