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This interdisciplinary minor program ensures students receive invaluable mentorship from experienced human rights scholars and practitioners, while lending academic rigor to the scholastic experience of the students who choose this path.

The minor provides structure to diverse academic offerings on human rights-related topics, encouraging students from across the university to understand how human rights are interconnected across seemingly disparate disciplines. 

The Human Rights Minor is open to students in any major.

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What do our students and alumni say about the minor?


"As I reflect over my time at Stanford, I am so grateful for everything the Human Rights minor has given me.  It has given me the ability to connect my own fight for social justice and liberation to the institutions that hold power.  It has given me the opportunity to take advantage of Stanford's resources and travel across the world.  But most of all, it has given me a passion to continue fighting for change, something I know I will take with me as I move on to future endeavors." - Cheng-Hau Kee '19

"What I particularly liked about the minor is the range of classes I can take and the people I've been able to connect to in those classes. Every single one of my human rights classes that I've taken has the most incredible range of students, both in terms of what they're interested in beyond human rights and in terms of what they're interested within human rights.” - Alexandra Koch '21

"There is no way that I can do justice to the experience that I’ve had with the minor. The door that it’s opened up for me has been so formative in shaping the way that I hope to pursue my career. I don’t think I would’ve ever considered the intersection between medicine and human rights until I was given the freedom to explore that in the minor.” - Reem Ghanem '19

"I think the minor forces you to think about human rights issues from a variety of standpoints.... I think that taking courses through the [Center for Human Rights and International Justice] has forced me to go outside my discipline. At the end of the day, that will be really valuable as I go forward and think about issues in an interdisciplinary fashion. And it’s also a great community!" - Jayaram Ravi '19

"The minor has steered me to take some of my favorite courses during my four years here, including but not limited to: Camera as Witness: International Human Rights Documentaries, Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention, and the Brain and the Law.  Under mentorship of outstanding professors, these classes have broadened my understanding of marginalized people groups, of human rights abuses, and of the structures and systems intended to protect our human rights." - Margaret Murray '20

"I feel like the minor has been such a great academic space for me, an academic community, which I didn't feel like I had at Stanford. And I feel like I have so many friends I've met through the program or who I find out later are indirectly related to the Human Rights minor, and it's been great." - Shikha Srinivas '21

"The [HUMRTS 101] intro class hooked me, and the minor is one of my favorite things I've done at Stanford! Being a human rights minor helped me start to look at problems in the world at the system level.  Instead of reading a news article and feeling emotion based on the event being reported on, the minor taught me to take a step back and examine the situation holistically and understand the biases and perspectives being elevated in the narrative beyond the surface level." - Andrew Quirk '19

"Minoring in human rights helped me to shape my time as an undergrad. It gave me a focus, something that I was passionate about, and something I knew I wanted to continue doing throughout my life. Essentially, minoring in human rights guided me to my passion, and helped me to structure my time here at Stanford so that I would have the tools and the knowledge in order to make a career out of my passion: fighting for those that cannot protect themselves." - Brickelle Bro '19