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Towards an Evidence Based Approach to Combating Human Trafficking: Lessons from the Movement

May 15 2018

Despite tremendous progress in raising awareness of human trafficking, enhancing relevant legal norms, and ensuring more robust care for survivors, the anti-trafficking movement continues to struggle to evaluate the quality of approaches, interventions, and policies. It is imperative at this juncture to encourage not only more, but better data that can help practitioners to understand the issue of human trafficking more holistically, including its root causes and where limited resources should be directed to have the most impact. Please join a panel of expert practitioners to consider the types of data currently available to the anti-trafficking movement, how they are being used, and how we might craft more data-driven policies and approaches.


Jessie Brunner,Human Trafficking Researcher, Stanford University

Luis Fabiano de Assis,Chief Research and Data Officer, Federal Labour Prosecution Office (Brazil)

Nathaniel Erb,Founding Partner, Erb & Associates

Sarah Jakiel,Counter-Trafficking Consultant and former Chief Program Officer at Polaris Duncan

Jepson,Founder and Managing Director, Liberty Asia

Karen Snyder,Visiting Fellow at University of British Columbia and former Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Director at Free the Slaves