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Space Law and Human Rights: an Exploration of Regime Interactions on the Final Fronteir

Jan 11 2019

In a 21st century war, belligerents are likely to attempt to deny their adversaries the use of space assets. However, the destruction of a satellite in orbit could have grave consequences for civilian users of that satellite on earth, and create space debris that could make orbits dangerous to use for up to a century. Explore some of the contemporary challenges in space law and focus on the human rights implications of a hypothetical conflict scenario, with Handa Center visiting scholar Matthew Stubbs.Moderated by Handa Center faculty affiliate and Stanford Law School Visiting Professor of Human Rights Beth Van Schaack. Dr. Matthew Stubbs is an Associate Professor at the University of Adelaide Law School, and Editor in Chief of the Adelaide Law Review. He is also a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of South Australia and High Court of Australia.