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Special Court for Sierra Leone, RUF Trial, Update 35

May 06, 2005
Michelle Staggs
Special Court for Sierra Leone, RUF Trial, Update 35
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RUF Trial

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Special Court for Sierra Leone


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The RUF trial resumed sitting on Tuesday this week after a ten-day adjournment, during which his Honour Judge Boutet conducted contempt proceedings for the five alleged contemnors in the AFRC trial. Proceedings were further cut short by a plenary meeting on Friday afternoon, hence reducing the usual four and one half-day week to two days and two half-days. A further two witnesses were called, bringing the number of Prosecution witnesses called thus far in the RUF trial to 32. A further 66 witnesses are slated to be heard from the Prosecution’s core witness list.

As the majority of the proceedings were conducted in closed session, a discussion of procedural issues dominate this report, with an overview of two rulings made by the Chamber being the most significant issues discussed this week.