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Inaccurate Numbers, Inadequate Policies- Enhancing Data To Evaluate The Prevalence Of Human Trafficking In ASEAN

Mother and son exiting a truck
Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Executive Summary:

Concern over the issue of human trafficking in Southeast Asia has grown steadily over the past several years with recent events elevating this pernicious problem to crisis levels in the public conciousness. With the much-anticipated November 2015 unveiling of the ASEAN Convention on Trafficking in Persons and a regional action plan that is said to include provisions for a regional trafficking database and standardized data collection, the time for action is now. The following policy recommendations are offered to ASEAN, the governments of ASEAN member states (AMS), and the international anti-trafficking community with the awareness that a transnational crime like human trafficking requires a robust, regional response, and that progress toward improved prevalence measures will require collaboration across all these entities.