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ECCC, Case 002/02, Issue 7

chairs of people and policemen seated behind desks with computer screens
Friday, February 6, 2015

Executive Summary:

The Trial Chamber this week pushed ahead to advance proceedings, continuing to hear from two witnesses and a Civil Party on their experiences in Tram Kak District and Kraing Ta Chan Security Center. The first Witness quickly concluded her testimony after having provided the majority of it the week before, and the second Witness started and finished his testimony within a day, as scheduled. The Civil Party, however, required three days of examination rather than the scheduled two, due to lengthy examination by the judges, and also due to a late request from the Civil Party lawyers that any testimony concerning identification of former prison guards and cadres be conducted in private. This report summarizes the three sets of testimony heard this week, analyzes legal questions concerning the privacy or personal security of witnesses, and continues to track the Chamber’s management of the trial in Case 002/02. In addition, this report reviews the recently published reasoning for the Judicial Administration Committee Special Panel’s decision on Defense motions for disqualification of the Trial Chamber judges, as well as international Judge Rowan Downing’s dissent from the majority opinion.