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ECCC, Case 002/02, Issue 10

chairs of people and policemen seated behind desks with computer screens
Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Executive Summary:

Although the week was cut short by a day due to the need for the Parties to review new evidence in Case 002/02, the trial proceeded efficiently the rest of the week, as two former Khmer Rouge cadres from Tram Kak District testified. The first, Mr. Srei Thân, gave details of his experience as a guard at Kraing Ta Chan Security Center, where he claimed to have acted only as a guard on the outer perimeter, and occasionally as a typist. The second witness, Mr. Phann Chhen, described his role in Tram Kak prior to 1975, and he provided information on conditions at the Security Center in the DK era. However, he categorically denied any personal involvement in the prison’s operations, even as the Parties confronted him with statements from himself and others, suggesting he was the Security Center’s first chief. The Parties raised few objections or procedural issues this week, although a recurrent debate over Defense Counsel Victor Koppe’s use of the courtroom’s document interface surfaced briefly in two hearings. This report summarizes the Trial Chamber’s continued management of Case 002/02 as it progresses well into its first segment with the illuminating testimony of these former cadres.