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ECCC, Case 002/01, Issue 72

spectators seated around trial proceedings at ECCC
Thursday, October 31, 2013

Executive Summary:

Over the course of three days this week, the Trial Chamber concluded the final hearings of Case 002/01. After 64 weeks of evidentiary hearings and 2 weeks of closing statements, this week brought the case to a close, with the conclusion of closing statements from the Khieu Samphan defense, responses to both defense teams’ rebuttals from the Civil Parties and the Co-Prosecutors, and rare final statements from the Co-Accused themselves.

The Khieu Samphan defense started the week with their continued depiction of their client as a popular but powerless figure in the DK regime. Lawyers for the Civil Parties followed the next day with an aggressive reaction to the defense teams’ dismissal of victims’ painful experiences. Prosecutors then sought to establish the legal basis for convictions of the coAccused for their alleged involvement in a joint criminal enterprise, which directed two forced population movements, as well as the execution of former Khmer Republic officials at Tuol Po Chrey. The Co-Accused and their lawyers spent the final day of hearings responding to these assertions one last time before the Trial Chamber adjourned to determine a verdict.