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Trial Monitoring

ECCC, Case 001, Issue 5

This week’s trial proceedings at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal were dominated by the Accused Person’s testimony on the establishment of S-21 and subsequently, on the implementation of the policies of the Communist Party of Kampuchea (‘CPK Policy’).

ECCC, Case 001, Issue 4

After a week’s recess to celebrate Khmer New Year, trial proceedings at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal recommenced this week, with the Chamber hearing the remaining witnesses on the M-13 interrogation center. Although the Accused began his testimony on the establishment of S-21 during Wednesday afternoon of this week, after three weeks of trial, the KRT is yet to hear any witnesses on S-21. 

ECCC, Case 001, Issue 3

This week’s proceedings at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal centered on the character of the Accused Person and the history of his involvement with the communist party. After briefly focussing on Duch’s early life and susbequent incarceration as a political prisoner, the Chamber considered his role as the Head of M-13 – a security prison established in 1971, primarily to interrogate and execute “enemies” of the party. The Chamber is due to hear another witness on M-13 before proceedings turn to the substance of the Closing Order – namely, the Accused Person’s role at S-21.

ECCC, Case 001, Issue 2

 Following on from a largely symbolic hearing in mid-February, the Trial Chamber of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal recorded a second historic milestone this week by declaring open substantive proceedings in the case of Kaing Guek Eav alias ‘Duch’. 

ECCC, Case 001, Issue 1

After several months of anticipation and a decade of negotiations, initial hearings in the case of The Prosecutor v Kaing Guek Eav alias ‘Duch’ were held at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal (‘KRT’) this week, heralding the opening of this unique hybrid tribunal’s first trial. In what was the first instance in which the Trial Chamber had assembled in public, the bench efficiently and effectively ran proceedings under the stewardship of the President Nil Nonn.


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