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Sarah Chynoweth

Photo of Sarah Chynoweth

Sarah Chynoweth

Research Fellow

Sarah Chynoweth is a researcher, writer, and adviser who has worked in human rights and humanitarian affairs for more than 15 years. She spearheaded and currently leads the Sexual Violence Project at the Women's Refugee Commission, a humanitarian think tank based in New York, and is an Adjunct Lecturer in Health, Rights and Development at the University of New South Wales in Australia. Sarah has pioneered research relating to reproductive health, sexual violence, and accountability in complex emergencies, and recently led a multi-country study on sexual violence against men and boys in the Syria crisis for UNHCR. She conducted the first fact-finding mission on reproductive health and sexual violence (MISP) among Iraqi refugees in Jordan in 2007 and after the Haiti earthquake in 2010 as part of an inter-agency team. Sarah has worked or conducted research in 20 emergencies, including crises in Iraq, Myanmar, Sudan, and Tibet. In 2003, she helped co-found a non-governmental organization, Circle of Health International, and from 2009 to 2011, she led AusAID/DFAT's flagship initiative on reproductive health in crises covering 28 countries in the Asia Pacific.

Her current research interests include under-investigated and emerging issues in the humanitarian field, specifically sexual violence against males, LGBTI+ issues, and dynamic approaches to humanitarian accountability.

Sarah holds a PhD in the Social Sciences/Global Health from the University of New South Wales, a Master's degree in Human Rights from Columbia University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from New College of Florida.