Ravi Mariwala

Founding Member, Tech Advisory Group
Ravi  Mariwala

For Ravi Mariwala life is another great adventure to embark on. He is the CEO of Scientific Precision Pvt. Ltd. a company that provides integrated and holistic water solutions for residential, commercial and community markets in Rural and Urban India. He has started the company with a vision of providing Sustainable and Abundant Water to everyone.  In the process, he has developed more than 10 technologies and 18 products which are commercialized.  

Ravi is also a Director of Eternis Fine Chemicals, one of the biggest companies in the fragrances business. He has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

For him, sustainability and outdoors are a passion.  He has worked on sustainable and integrated solutions for water, power and now soil.  He has set up more than 10 million liter per year Rain Harvesting system and more than 150 installations in the water sustainability space.  He extensively lectures about sustainable solutions for water.

Sailing and trekking are outdoor passions which he enthusiastically pursues. He has been sailing for more than 45 years in and around Mumbai as well as cruising along the west coast of India. He regularly participates in sailing races in Bombay Harbour. He has climbed and trekked extensively in the Himalaya and Sahiyadris for over 37 years including expeditions to Kumaoun & Garhwal Himalaya and expeditions to remote Lingti Valley in Himachal Pradesh.