Lizzie Rough

Researcher and Special Program Assistant
Lizzie Rough


Lizzie Rough is a researcher and special program assistant at the Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford University. Her role focuses on the Virtual Tribunals project, where she will work on the digitization of the International Military Tribunals following World War II. These trials set the precedent for future international war crimes trials and outline the basis of what constitutes a crime against humanity. Her work will help make these trials available to the broader public. Lizzie joins us from Holocaust Museum LA, where she worked for the past two years in several capacities. Following the start of the pandemic, she became responsible for work on virtual programs, including virtual tours and virtual Holocaust survivor talks, as well as creating educational content and working to make Holocaust education accessible to students from around the globe. With a BA in history from Gonzaga University, Lizzie’s interest is in World War II and Holocaust history, more specifically as it falls within the realm of human rights and education. Outside of her work at the Center, Lizzie enjoys cooking, baking, and spending time outdoors.


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