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Mariam standing in front of a hedge
Stanford human rights graduate Marian Noorulhuda recently co-authored a correspondence on “Global health responsibilities in a Taliban-led Afghanistan” in Nature Medicine. The missive describes how... Read More
Center core faculty member Ryan Matlow poses in front of a gray backdrop.
By Mara Stojanovic, Student Assistant. Dr. Ryan Matlow, a core faculty member for our center’s Human Rights in Trauma Mental Health Program, recently released a new resource guide that contextualizes... Read More
Four staff and faculty members standing and talking in a breezeway
Stanford University’s Human Trafficking Data Lab (HTDL) is honored to receive funding from the Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (TIP Office) to provide... Read More
Men loading boxes onto a truck as police observe and stand guard
The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg—which convicted and sentenced 21 Nazi leaders for crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity—came to a close on Oct. 1, 1946. Thanks... Read More
a black and white row of doors, with one colored red
By Center Fellow Søren Jørgensen. Since March 2021, more than 65 PhD and master level students from some of the best universities in the world, representing over 25 countries, have been collecting... Read More
Green background with white text reading the title, Commercial Contacts and Sourcing
Our joint partnership, Re:Structure Lab, has released its second of six thematic forced labor evidence briefs, most recently focused on commercial contracts and sourcing. These briefs, each... Read More
Stanford tree logo and word "alumni"
Ten seniors affiliated with the Center for Human Rights and International Justice have won the Stanford Alumni Association's Award of Excellence. Designed to recognize the top 10% of the class, the... Read More
Constanza Hasselmann in white dress with red sash and Chloe Stoddard in blouse and denim jeans
Human rights minors and fellows Chloe Stoddard and Constanza Hasselmann have won the Lloyd W. Dinkelspiel Award for Distinctive Contributions to Undergraduate Education, which recognizes distinctive... Read More
Maria standing in front of foliage, wearing a cardinal red sash
Human rights minor and Stanford senior María Suárez-Nieto has been awarded the Stanford Alumni Association Outstanding Achievement Award. A first-generation student from Colombia, María has assumed... Read More
cover of the publication, which features a crowd of people
Stanford University's Human Rights in Trauma Mental Health Program, of which the Center for Human Rights and International Justice is a partner, has contributed to a new UNITAD field guide. During a... Read More
Powerpoint slide with Jessie's name on left; Jessie folding hands on right
Originally published by Stanford Global Studies   Congratulations to Jessie Brunner, senior program manager and director of human trafficking research in the Center for Human Rights... Read More
Closeup of David Cohen speaking in his office
Director David Cohen recently discussed the Center’s joint project to preserve and digitize the archives of the post-WWII Nuremberg war trials with B'nai B'rith International CEO Dan... Read More
David Cohen seated, holding his hand out while speaking
David Cohen, the director of Stanford University's Center for Human Rights and International Justice, received the Miriam Aaron Roland Volunteer Service Prize on Wednesday, May 12. Cohen is an expert... Read More
A row of charcoal ovens in a Brazilian forest
Stanford University's Human Trafficking Data Lab—a joint venture by our Center—is using satellite imagery to disrupt forced labor, thanks to a 2020 grant from Stanford University Human-Centered... Read More
Chloe Stoddard standing in an arcade on the campus main quad
By Alisha Zhao, Student Assistant.  Stanford senior Chloe Stoddard has been awarded the John Gardner Public Service Fellowship for 2021-22. Each spring, six graduating seniors or co-term students (... Read More
Cesar Arevalo standing in Stanford main quad by a column
Stanford grad student César Arévalo has been awarded the Tom Ford Fellowship in Philanthropy for 2021-22. The Ford Fellowship provides young professionals with intensive, mentored experiences in... Read More
The Center for Human Rights and International Justice is pleased to share some exciting recent developments and a groundbreaking new chapter of collaboration with the Stanford University Libraries (... Read More
supermarket produce section as seen from above
The Center for Human Rights and International Justice, jointly with faculty from The University of Sheffield and Yale University, recently received a substantial grant co-funded by Humanity United... Read More
The King Center on Global Development recently awarded a generous grant to the Stanford's Human Trafficking Data Lab, an early-stage research initiative jointly run by faculty and staff from the... Read More
Members of Human Rights in Trauma Mental Health Program in a meeting
A recently released report by the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Felipe González Morales, relied upon research provided in a submission by Stanford’s Human Rights... Read More
On October 5-7, people from 16 time zones and 5 continents convened in a Digital Human Rights Summit on Responsible Digital Leadership, Information, Infrastructure, and Governance to discuss how a... Read More
Headshots of the three award winners
Recent Stanford human rights graduates Lily Foulkes, Xóchitl Longstaff, and Shannon Richardson recently won the Walk the Talk Service Leadership Award. This award recognizes the public service... Read More
What are digital rights? And how do Human Rights relate in the digital age? How do we protect and secure rights of individuals in this digital world? And most importantly,... Read More
Stanford graduate Harika Kottakota
Human rights graduate Harika Kottakota '20 recently won the Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research. Harika graduated in June with a bachelors degree in Biology and a Human Rights... Read More
Stanford graduate Lily Foulkes
Stanford human rights graduate Lily Foulkes '20 recently won the Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in the Humanities and the Creative Arts. Lily graduated from Stanford this year with a... Read More