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ICTY Judge Liu Daqun Visits Students from the Handa Center

ICTY Judge Liu Daqun, Beth van Schaack, and 7 Handa center students posing for a picture on the law school terrace
Nov 3 2016

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Rule of Law and Accountability, Teaching & Students

On November 1, a group of undergraduate and law school students took the opportunity to meet with Judge Liu Daqun, the Vice-President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). Moderated by Handa Center Faculty Fellow Beth van Schaack, Judge Daqun and these students discussed a range of issues surrounding the ICTY and, more generally, international criminal justice. Judge Daqun offered his perspective on the explanation for the ICTY’s relative success in comparison with the shortcomings of other tribunals, such as the International Criminal Court (ICC). According to the Judge, various constitutive elements absent from the ICTY’s structure has slowed progress at the ICC. Additionally, Judge Daqun commented on diverse geopolitical facts that have enabled the ICTY to complete its work more effectively. Namely, he believes world state interests converged when it came to prosecuting crimes in the former Yugoslavia, whereas this is not so with respect to the ICC’s more expansive jurisdiction. Judge Daqun concluded by offering advice to any student hoping to pursue a legal career. In his view, the ability to quickly and accurately synthesize large amounts of information is the key to not only a legal career, but virtually any pathway to public service.