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Human Rights in Trauma Mental Health Program Director Daryn Reicherter profiled in Scope

Daryn Reicherter in Fiji
Photo courtesy of Daryn Reicherter
Mar 27 2019

Daryn Reicherter, MD, director of the Stanford's Human Rights in Trauma Mental Health (HRTMH) Program, was recently profiled in Stanford Medicine's blog, "Scope." The HRTMH Program is a joint, interdisciplinary collaboration between the Handa Center, Stanford Law School and Stanford University School of Medicine.

In the interview-article, "Translating horror into justice: Stanford psychiatrist advocates for human rights," Daryn discusses how he got into human rights work as a trauma psychiatrist: "I started recognizing that the person in front of me has a larger problem that affects more people. So I started collaborating on how to use the science of psychology to make changes in human rights."

He discusses the future of the HRTMH Program and the challenges & rewards of his work, saying, "In court, I sometimes see justice. I see reparations given for mental health. I see someone winning asylum because they really ought to, and now they have access to mental health treatments. So for me the program is the morale booster.:"

Read the entire interview here.