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Human Rights Minor Awarded National Newman Civic Fellowship

Mika Koch
Mar 6 2018

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Awards, Teaching & Students

Mika Koch ’19, a human biology major and human rights minor, was awarded the National Newman Civic Fellowship for her work in global health.

Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne recommended her for the award, which honors student leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to finding solutions for complex social and environmental challenges.

Mika reflected, "Coming to Stanford I saw global health as a complex, nuanced, medical issue. But, after my experience with organizations like Partners in Health and Stanford’s Handa Center for Human Rights I came to understand that global health is not just a medical issue, but also a social justice issue. Adding a human rights lens to my work has given me an understanding of humanitarian law, accountability, and cross country integration that is crucial for global health work. Additionally, an emphasis on human rights highlights the necessity of individuals, their voices on the ground, and their empowerment."

Read more about Mika and her achievements, including this prestigious fellowship, on the Haas Center for Public Service website.