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AIJI covers the issuance of a final Judgment in the ECCC's Case 002/01

Trial monitors from the Handa Center's AIJI program in Cambodia were present in the courtroom on 7 August 2014, when the Trial Chamber announced that it had found Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced both to life imprisonment. The Trial Chamber found both men responsible for crimes against humanity (extermination, murder, political persecution and other inhumane acts in the form of forced transfer, enforced disappearances and attacks on human dignity) committed in Cambodia between 17 April 1975 and December 1977. The charges related to crimes committed during the two population movements and the execution of Lon Nol soldiers at Tuol Po Chrey. 

In relation to their criminal responsibility, the TC found that Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan committed the crimes through a joint criminal enterprise (basic form) with a common purpose to implement a rapid socialist revolution by whatever means necessary. Additionally, the TC found that both Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan were directly responsible for planning, instigating, aiding and abetting a number of crimes not charged on the basis of JCE, including extermination (population movements one and two) and inhumane acts in the form of enforced disappearances (population movement two), and political persecution at Tuol Po Chrey. Nuon Chea was also found to have ordered these crimes.

Following the guilty verdict, the TC endorsed the implementation of 11 reparation projects, but declined to endorse the remaining two memorial projects due to insufficient detail and lack of secured funding. Judge Nil Nonn concluded with a confirmation of the right of the parties to appeal, which the Defense confirmed they would exercise during the press conference which followed the verdict.


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