The Undocumented Migration Project Exhibition at Stanford (CHILATST 201B)

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Are you an artist seeking a greater purpose for you art? Would you like to gain a sense of history and best practices for engaging your community in creative work? nnHuman Rights policy experts and activists, artists and scholars will participate in this (online via student & community course on contemporary immigration policy and human rights issues.The course is structured around the ideas of art, activism and scholarship as they intersect with the subject of migration. Often considered distinct fields, we will explore the ways they merge together, and engage in dialogue with an array of guests from a multitude of backgrounds.nn In addition to learning about the Hostile Terrain94 project through tagging the identities of lives of those lost along the Sonoran desert and considering the U.S. policy of prevention through deterrence to crossing the U.S. Mexican Border, this class will explore art making with paper as the primary media. Paper with its material qualities can provide diverse and accessible entryways into the processes of inclusion, recordation, and mass participation. Through the interconnecting of the practical task of filling information onto toe tags to create the exhibition at the Anderson Collection, which documents the human remains of migrants identified for the exhibition (Fall 2020) with creating new objects in paper, the projects in this course will discover and recover identity through articulations of identity in paper.
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