State-Building and the Rule of Law Seminar

Mistree, D. (PI)
Jensen, E. (PI)
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The State-Building and the Rule of Law Seminar is centrally concerned with bridging theory and practice. The seminar introduces the key theories relevant to state-building generally, and strengthening the rule of law in particular. This course explores the multidisciplinary nature of development -- through readings, lectures, guest lectures, case studies, and seminar discussions --- and weighs how lawyers fit in and contribute to the process. The set of developing countries considered within the scope of this workshop is broad. It includes, among others, states engaged in post-conflict reconstruction, e.g., Cambodia, Timor Leste, Rwanda, Iraq, Sierra Leone; states still in conflict, e.g., Afghanistan, Somalia; the poorest states of the world that may not fall neatly into the categories of conflict or post-conflict, e.g., Nepal, Haiti; least developed states that are not marked by high levels of violent conflict at all, e.g., Bhutan; and more developed states at critical stages of transition, e.g., Tunisia, Georgia, Ukraine, Hungary. The course is updated to include current events affecting state-building processes, including COVID, the regression of the rule of law, and the emergence of China. Elements used in grading: Grading is based on participation, a presentation of research or a proposal, and, in consultation with the instructors, a research paper. The research paper may be a group project (Section 01) graded MP/R/F or an individual in-depth research paper or proposal, either of which could be the basis for future field research (Section 02) graded H/P/R/F. Students approved for Section 01 or Section 02 may receive EL credit or R credit. Automatic grading penalty waived for submission of the final work products. Cross-listed with International Policy (INTLPOL 352).
Law Mixed H/P/R/F or MP/R/F
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Contemporary Issues
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4:15 PM
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7:15 PM
LAW 272