Global Leaders and Innovators in Human and Planetary Health (MED 285)

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Are you interested in innovative ideas and strategies for addressing urgent challenges in human and planetary health? This 7 session lecture series features a selection of noteworthy leaders, innovators and experts across diverse sectors in health and the environment such as: healthcare/medical innovation, environmental sustainability, foundations/venture capital, biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, social innovation/entrepreneurship, tech/media and artificial intelligence (AI), human rights, global poverty/development, sustainable agriculture/hunger/nutrition, public policy/systems change. Co-convened by faculty, fellows and students collaborating across several Stanford centers/departments/schools, the course invites the discussion of global problems, interdisciplinary perspectives and solutions in the fields of health and the environment. nSpecial themes for AY 2020-2021 include: 1) US and Global Responses in Combatting the Coronavirus Pandemic; 2) Climate Crisis, Wildfires, Extreme Weather and Environmental Sustainability; 3) Systemic Racism, Gender Inequality, Health Inequity and Community Well Being; 4) Democracy Under Siege, Political Landscape of Electoral, Judicial, Legislative Turmoil; 5) Partnership/Collaboration, Models of Leadership, Innovation, Sustainable Social Change; and Other Topics TBD by students/fellows. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to enroll - registration open to all Stanford students and fellows. May be repeated for credit.
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